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ADI Driving Instructor Lessons

With the introduction of Essential Driver Training (EDT) compulsory lessons and due to the ever increasing number of vehicles on our roads today, there is a growing demand for qualified & passionate driving instructors. Driving instruction is not only financially rewarding, it offers a number of employment options. Whether it be in full or part-time employment, working as a driving instructor provides independence, flexible working hours and above all, a degree of security that most other careers cannot offer.

ADI Lessons Breakdown

Driving Lessons Tick

STAGE ONE: Theory Test - Examines your knowledge of the Rules of the Road as well as general road safety and driving instruction matters. The structure of the test is similar in format to the existing theory test for learner drivers.


STAGE TWO: A Practical Test Of Your Driving Ability - Driving competence will be assessed against a longer more comprehensive driving test to that which applies to a learner driver. The test will last approximately 60 to 90 minutes and will cover 25-30 kilometres.


STAGE THREE: A Practical Test Of Your Ability To Instruct - Stage Three examines the ability of the ADI candidate to deliver tuition/coaching to the novice driver relevant to the level of skill and experience of the driver.


Theory Knowledge


The ADI Theory Test is designed to examine the knowledge of the Rules of the Road. There is a specific Theory Test for each licence category, the theory will depend on the licence category in which you wish to become a fully qualified driving instructor in.

Driving Ability


You will be expected to complete all manoeuvres that learner drivers must complete on their test. You will also be required to drive in a variety of environments, including urban and rural roads, motorways and dual carriageways. This module will help you remove any bad habits from your own driving and assist you in spotting any faults that you may have missed in your own driving – enabling you to assist your students more effectively

Instructor Ability


This is a practical assessment of your teaching ability that consists of two role playing exercises. For the first of these exercises, an assessor will take the wheel and play the role of a learner with no experience. For the second, the assessor will play the role of an intermediate driver, and you will be required to correct his/her errors.


From the very first second you sit into the car with your Philip Kirwan RSA ADI, you will know you’re going to pass your driving test. Your driving lessons will be broken down step by step to ensure that you learn every single last detail you need to know in order for you to pass your driving test and to ensure nothing is left to chance.



All new Learner Drivers who receive their Learner Permits on, or after 4th April 2011 will be subject to completing 12 x one-hour lessons before applying for their driving test. EDT (Essential Driver Training) candidates will also be required to have an Essential Driver Training Logbook. This logbook will be filled in & signed off after every EDT lesson by your qualified ADI Instructor.



One of the main reasons candidates fail the driving test is because of lack of preparation. Professional Pre-Test tuition is essential if you are going to succeed and give yourself every chance to pass your Driving Test first time. You are guaranteed a professional and personal service from our local qualified ADI Instructors.

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