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With us, over 90% of Pupil’s have passed first time!

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Patricia Smyth- Co. Dublin.

"Phillip is true professional , regards to nervous pupils learning to drive . I gained great confidence , and taken on challenges with driving & hopefully that I get my test next time . Best of luck with your career."

Date: 8/8/2014


RSA Test Centre: Finglas

"Personally I think Philip is one of the best instructor I had and believe me I had a few different ones. When I got Philip as my driving instructor I was attempting my driving test for the fifth time. I went out two days before my scheduled test and Philip gave me all the confidence I needed for it".

Date: 13/4/2014

RSA Test Centre: Raheny

Dawn Rickard- Co. Dublin.

"Philip is the best if you want first time Pass*****"

Date: 17/11/2014


RSA Test Centre: Longford

“Tom Jordan” - Longford.
Susan Stedmond- Co. Dublin.

"Just after passing my test this morning. Took a few lessons with Philip. Great instructor"

Date: 24/7/2014


RSA Test Centre: Raheny

"Philip is a great instructor who is a true gentlemen and has a great passion for his job. He helps you relax and puts you at ease behind the wheel. I was a bag of nerves stepping into the car for the first time but those nerves disappeared naturally and became a confident driver."

Date: 10/1/2013

RSA Test Centre: Cavan

Claire McDonough- Kildare.
“Andrew Harford” - Co Dublin.

"Philip is a great instructor, I was able to get a last minute pre test in my own car just before my actual driving test. He gave me great tips & advice, made sure the car was ready for the test & sent me emails with extra tips & tricks"

Date: 22/04/2014


RSA Test Centre: Finglas

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